About TAGET 2050

TAGET 2050 is a private, autonomous, voluntary, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit sharing social business investment organization envisioning a knowledge and skills-based, equitable, environment and health mindful prosperous society. As a non-governmental organization, TAGET 2050 has Tanzania registration Number 00NGO/0009303 and is mandated to operate in Mainland Tanzania in accordance with the constitution of the organization.

The founding of TAGET 2050 in 2017 was triggered by the concern of its founders that although Tanzania introduced, in 1967, its self-reliance development and education philosophy, yet after fifty years, that is by 2017 education provision is yet to realize its original mission. TAGET 2050 offers itself the challenge to give the philosophy another chance of fifty years to 2067, to transform the mindsets of future generations by offering an education that practically merges theoretical education with skills that are immediately applied in actual productive work within the vicinity of the schools. Hence, the parallel establishment of ESP (Education, Skills and Productivity) Schools (nursery, primary, secondary and vocational training) with school farms, crop processing project, herbal gardens for medicinal plants, environmental conservation and Tanzania greening with tree planting initiatives, conservation of water sources and waterfronts and initiatives for alternative energy to reduce the degradation of the environment.


Mission & Vision



To empower Tanzanian rural communities to engage in social business investment through quality education and skills training, modern agricultural production practices, crop processing and conservation of medicinal and other plants of economic importance.


To have communities that are educated, skilled and healthy and create and promote social businesses for improved productivity, quality service provision and conservation of traditional herbal shrubs and other plants.


Core Values 


The core values of TAGET 2050 are Integrity, reliability, respect for human rights and interpersonal relations, time management, equality, transparency, accountability, professionalism, quality, and meritocracy.

The organization lives out these core values by:

  • Demonstrating and Sharing the values in all interactions with stakeholders
  • Periodically revisiting and refocusing the values for greater responsiveness of society expectations
  • Confronting and promptly redressing undesirable behaviors among all TAGET 2050 stakeholders
  • Establishing mechanisms to collect feedback from stakeholders for internal further improvement.


Main Functions


According to the 2017constitution which established the TAGET2050 the main functions of the organization are to engage in social business investments impacting society through the promotion of quality education, modern farming and livestock practices, crop processing to add value, green environment through tree planting, conservation of medicinal plants, conservation of water sources and cleanliness of waterfronts and the use of alternative energy.


Specifically the organization aims:

  • To undertake community-based research for development in education and training, farming and livestock practices and crop processing, conditions of the environment and health condition of the people and  collect and conserve medicinal and other economically important traditional trees, herbs, and other plants
  • To promote quality education, talent identification and development as well as training in microfinance, entrepreneurship and general skills through establishment and management of competence and skills based nursery, primary, and secondary schools and vocational training facilities
  • To engage in and promote modern agricultural and production practices, crop processing, packaging and search for viable and paying market outlets,


To promote green encompassment and clean environments through the establishment and management of the following projects:


Key Promoters


The key founders and promoters of TAGET 2050 are Mr. William Sabaya and Andrew Christoph Sabaya.


Mr. William Sabaya is a Holder of a B.Sc (Hons) in Education and MA in Educational Studies from the University of London. He is a seasoned teacher and educationist who has served Tanzania education sector for over forty years having held different line positions in Tanzania Ministry of Education Headquarters, as trainer of education personnel, coordinator secondary education, technical adviser to the Chief Education Officer, Writer of the Presidential Education Commission Report 1981, Head of Education Research Unit, Special assistant to Ministers of Education, Director Tanzania Institute of Education, founder and CEO  Tanzania Commission for Universities, first administrator of Tanzania Academy of Sciences and retired from the Open University of Tanzania as Quality Assurance Officer and lecturer of Contemporary Issues in Education.

Andrew Christopher Sabaya, on his part, brings to the initiative his enviable rich experience in strategic project planning, budgeting, fundraising and general mobilization and control of human, material and financial resources; business and time management; team building, logistics and marketing of products and services as well as customer satisfaction, negotiation and arbitration skills.

Andry is a holder of MBA in Organizational Management from Cambridge International College and an Associate Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing from Waldorf College. He is a member of the Institute of Marketing UK (MIM) and for over the years, has captured 107 profitable contracts for the firm he worked for, been awarded the Japanese Tobacco International Award on Innovation – 2008, received the Certificate of Merit from Youth Agribusiness Empowerment. The project stands to be in safe hands under the able management leadership of Andrew Sabaya.


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