TAGET 2050 Clean Waterfronts

The founders of TAGET 20050 have noted and have been disturbed by the growing human activity and exploitation of the potentials of streams and rivers, ponds, lagoons, lakes, and shorelines leading to increased debris, erosion and general destruction of biodiversity and otherwise beauties of heritage, recreational and educational sites of world waterfronts. The need is high for initiatives to educate and alert all communities living and engaging in a range of activities within vicinities of water sources, waterways and waterfronts for present and future generations to sustain life and benefit from.


ESP High Schools will promote such mindsets through education and training involving visits to concerned sites, inducting communities and helping to initiate alternative and economically productive human activities to safeguard waterfronts. Such a project desires involvement of experts in environment and watershed management and needs vehicles, debris removal, and destruction equipment as well as arrangements for alternative and equally rewarding building sites to safeguard beaches and estuaries.