TAGET 2050 Green Tanzania

The founders of TAGET 2050 are lovers of nature and are concerned about increasing periods of long drought and shortage of water in many parts of the country, the massive harvesting of natural trees for charcoal making, frequent incidences of environment destruction by unplanned large livestock, soil erosion caused by excavations and earth movements in mining and road making sites, poaching and illegal exportation of wild animals, frequent wildfires and smokes especially in the dry seasons and the inadequate tree planting efforts countrywide such as is done in most countries in Southern Africa.


Through classroom teaching and field practicals, ESP High School aims to promote the culture of tree planting and care to the school as well as the wider community and neighboring schools and villages. Expert advice from experienced environmentalists, farm tools, and transport facilities, training, induction, and exposure of the project staff as well as the supply of large amounts of local and exotic tree seeds are the main inputs needed for this project.