Work With Us

The main objective of the TAGET 2050 is to set out development goals in the context of social business investment (SBI) ensuring strategic development, promotion and access to education and entrepreneurship skills training, modern agricultural and livestock production and processing, green conservation of the environment and identification, collection and growth of traditional medicinal trees, herbs and other plants of economic importance for the enhanced health and prosperity of the people.


What We Can Accomplish Together


By working together we can:

  • Facilitate the acquisition of quality education and talent identification and development through establishment and management of nursery, primary, and secondary schools and entrepreneurial skills training facilities,
  • Undertake community-based research for development in education and training, modern farming and livestock practices, crop processing, and collective conservation of medicinal and other economically important trees, herbs and other plants,
  • Facilitate and promote modern agricultural and production practices, crop processing, packaging, and sales.
  • Set up and manage community-based economically viable and sustainable science and technology backed modern agricultural and livestock production and crop processing projects,
  • Run training sessions for students and members of the surrounding communities to engage in modern farming practices,
  • Realize communal food self-sufficiency that improves the nutritional status of the community,
  • Support the establishment of rural industries in the form of small crop processing plants at community levels and search for crop outlet markets,
  • Facilitate the collection, growth, and conservation of traditional medicinal trees, herbs and other economically important plants in Tanzania



If you would like to volunteer your time and skills in one one of our projects please fill the form below; we will contact you as soon as possible.